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Canada Cariacature and Landscape issue Unitrade #’s 586 to 605 Includes paper varieties, tagging varieties, inscription blocks, FDC’s, precancel warning strips, unsevered coil pairs, some print variations, all well identified.  High CV.  My Price is $250.00.                
German Democratic Republic all mint collection up to 1980. From start to 1970 there are 2 SAFE hingeless albums, and then a Harris album with mounts.  Appears virtually complete.  Other than the very earlies it is Mint Never Hinged.  CV of stamps exceeds $3600.00. My Price is $1300.00
Germany Post War Federal Issues including Berlin. Federal issues start in 1956 with MNH  to 1980,and then both MNH and used from 1981 to 1988.  The Berlin issues start in  1954 with MNH only to 1980 and both MNH and used from 1981 to 1988.  Also included are some booklets, tete-beche, and other se-tenant issues not included in CV. There is the odd item missing but CV is over $2000.00.  My Price is $750.00 New Zealand collection mint and used, virtually all different. Over 1250 stamps, many complete sets, sparse after 1995. CV is over $1200.00  My Price is $375.00
Canada used collection in Parliament Album.  Very complete from 1930-87 plus many good earlier including the admirals to the $1.00.  Some of the early coils are mounted incorrectly, but this a good starting collection. My Price is $175.00
Romania collection 1750 different mounted on blank pages. 95% is pre 1980, lots of complete sets. CV is over $750.00 My Price is $125.00